Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball Instructional Camp

These instructional clinics are being offered to girls and boys in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades. Children will be taught proper techniques used in the game of basketball. Through repetition, the children will work on proper shooting form, dribbling, passing, jump stops, pivots, and lay-ups all wit the instruction from the Independence High School Coaching Staff & Volunteers. Due to space, we will accept a maximum of 36 total kids for this camp. The deadline will be determined once the dates are scheduled with payment due in full at the time of registration. Parents, if you are interested in becoming a future volunteer 3rd/4th grade Basektball Coach, these clinics would be beneficial for you to attend. 

Fee: $25 per child (includes an Independence Mustang Basketball shirt at the conclusion of camp)
Days & Dates: Typically in October, exact dates, times (2 Saturday Mornings- 90 minute sessions)
Location will be determined once coordinated with the Independence High School Basketball Program

3rd Grade Girls Basketball

The IPRD will coordinate the schedule for 3rd grade Girls Basketball. Depending on numbers, the girls will be placed on 3rd grade Girls Basketball Teams and register the team(s) in the Tri-Rivers Youth Travel Basketball League. Games typically begin the 1st Saturday of November and continue until Christmas. Due to having to purchase a uniform jersey for each girl, the fee for this league is $35 per girl. Volunteer Coaches are Needed!! Contact the IPRD @ 319-334-6711 or email if interested, The registration deadline is October 15th at the Falcon Civic Center. Practices are arranged by the volunteer coaches.

4th Grade Girls Basketball

4th Grade Girls who would like to play basketball are now included in the Independence Club Basketball System. Please contact the Independence High School Girls Basketball Coach for detailed information.

3rd & 4th Grade Boys Basketball

The Independence Parks & Recreation Department is offering youth basketball leagues for boys in 3rd & 4th grade. Players will be divided into teams of combined 3rd & 4th graders. Teams will be scheduled to play 5-on5 games. The fee for this league is $35 per boy. Volunteer Coaches are NEEDED. If interested, please email The registration deadline for this program is October 23rd. Registration is accepted at the Falcon Civic Center and payment is due in full at the time of registration. Practices will be arranged by the volunteer coaches in this league. Games are played on Saturdays and typically the boys will begin at 9am.

League: 3rd & 4th Grade Boys will play games from 11/1-12/16 on Saturdays at the Falcon Civic Center Gym or West Elementary Gym

If you would like to become a Youth Basketball Coach, Basketball League Supervisor, basketball official, or a basketball scorekeeper, please contact the Independence Parks & Recreation Department @ 319-334-6711 or email