2019 Resolutions

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Resolution DateResolution NumberResolution Description
01/14/20192019-01Approve Development Agreement
01/14/20192019-02Annual Designation of City's Depository
01/14/20192019-03Annual Designation of City's Official Newspapers
01/14/20192019-04Annual Designation of Mileage Reimbursement Rate
01/14/20192019-05Approval of Snow Emergency Parking Policy
01/14/20192019-06Ward 3 Sidewalk Assessments
01/14/20192019-07Airport Dedication
01/28/20192019-08Appointment to Airport Board
02/11/20192019-09Revision to City Employee Personnel Policy
02/11/20192019-10Appointment to Independence Light & Power Board of Trustees
03/11/20192019-11Award Contract for 1st Street East Reconstruction Project
03/11/20192019-12Award Contract for Melone Creek Bridge Project
03/11/20192019-13Approve Budget for Fiscal Year 2019/2020
03/11/20192019-14Snow Removal Fees Assessed
03/11/20192019-15Conveyance of Property
03/25/20192019-16Preliminary Resolution Covering 2019 Street Improvements Project
Approve Preliminary Plans, Specs, Estimate of Cost & Plat and Schedule 2019 Street Improvements Project
03/25/20192019-18Proposed Resolution of Necessity 2019 Street Improvements Project
03/25/20192019-19Reimbursement for Discontinuation of First Responders Unit
03/25/20192019-20Declaration of Surplus Property
04/08/20192019-21Snow Removal Fees Assessed
04/08/20192019-22Approve a Procurement Policy
04/08/20192019-23Adopt Guidelines for Small Cell Facilities
2019-24Resolution of Necessity (2019 Street Improvements Project
04/22/20192019-25Preparation of Detailed Plans, Specs, Notice of Hearing, Notice to Bidders, & Form of Contract 2019 Street Improvements Project
04/22/20192019-26Award Contract for 1st Street West Trail
04/22/20192019-27Award Contract for Airport Reconfigure Taxiway
04/22/20192019-28Snow Removal Fees Assessed
04/22/20192019-29Opposing House File 773, Property Tax Reform Bill
05/13/20192019-30Notice of Hearing on Plans, Specs, Form of Contract, & Estimate of Cost for Enterprise Drive East Project
05/13/20192019-31Notice of Hearing on Plans, Specs, Form of Contract & Estimate of Cost for 2019 Street Improvements Project
05/13/20192019-32Set a Date for Public Hearing for Access Easement
05/13/20192019-33Approve Development Agreement
05/13/20192019-34Assignment of Trustee Agent Agreement
05/13/20192019-35FY2019 Budget Amendment
05/13/20192019-36Accept Work Covering City Hall Ramp & Stair Project
05/17/20192019-37Notice of Hearing on Proposed Plans, Specs, Form of Contract, & Estimate of Cost for Enterprise Drive East Project
Approve Access Easement Agreement
05/28/20192019-39Approve Salary Increases for Employees for Fiscal Year 2020
05/28/20192019-40Designate Engineer for Highway 150 Reconstruction Project
06/10/20192019-41Approve & Confirm Contract & Estimate for 2019 Streets Improvements Project
06/10/20192019-42Award Contract for 2019 Streets Improvements Project
06/10/20192019-43Approve & Confirm Cost for Enterprise Drive East Project
06/10/20192019-44Appointment to Library Board
06/10/20192019-45Appointment to Library Board
06/10/20192019-46Accept Work Covering Highway 150/Enterprise Drive Trail Project
06/24/20192019-47Approve Iowa DOT Agreement for Airport Improvements
06/24/20192019-48Accept Work Covering 2nd Street NE PCC Paving Project
06/24/20192019-49Accept Work Covering 17th Street SE Intersection Project
06/24/20192019-50Approve Engineering Agreement for Highway 150 Reconstruction Project
06/24/20192019-51Mowing Fees Assessed
07/08/20192019-52Financing of Proposed Projects
07/08/20192019-53Prepare & Record Necessary Transactions
07/08/20192019-54Mowing Fees Assessed
07/22/20192019-55Set a Date on Proposal to Enter General Obligation for Loan Agreement
07/22/20192019-56Award Contract for Enterprise Drive East Project
07/22/20192019-57Mowing Fees Assessed
08/12/20192019-58Additional Action on Proposal to Enter General Obligation for Loan Agreement
08/12/20192019-59Set Public Hearing Date for Urban Renewal Plan Amendment
08/12/20192019-60Approve Contract, Performance and Payment Bonds for Enterprise Drive East Project
08/12/20192019-61Mowing Fees Assessed
08/12/20192019-62Revision to City Employee Personnel Policy
08/12/20192019-63Replace & Repeal Resolution 2012-113 regarding Independence Commercial Restoration, Rehab Program
08/26/20192019-64Set Public Hearing Date to Enter into General Obligation Loan Agreement