Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

The Library is now hosting virtual programs, both live and recorded.  This page will be updated regularly as recordings become available.  

Many of these are also available on IPL's YouTube Channel.

Adult Programs

Your Library Online - includes video tutorial for utilizing many of the Library's online resources.

July 7 - "Writing a Memoir" Workshop with Betty Brandt Passick

July 9 - 1 Minute to Better Photos with Darcy Maulsby 

July 11 - Guitar Basics with Andy 

October 5 - Midwest Lumberjacks Legends and Lore

October 22 - Bizarre History of Iowa - Strange Stories from the Past

June 4 - Fitness Friday with Austin Pink and Megan Rawlins

June 7 - Virtual Artist Spotlight with Maud Bentley

June 11 - FItness Friday with Heinz Academy

June 15 - Virtual Planter Design and How-To with Blands Flower Shop

June 18 - Fitness Friday with Prairie Hills

Cooking with Dan Lake

June 25 - Healthy Cooking with Air Fryers

July 23 - Instant Pot 101 

August 27 - Desserts in the Air Fryer

September 24 - Grilling with Dan and Lizzie 

October 29 - Crockpot Cooking

March 25 - Depression Era Cooking

May 18 - Cooking with Dan & Lizzie

3rd Thursday with Hoover's Presidential Library and Museum

July 16 - An Evening with Dr. Terrence Roberts 

August 20 - An Evening with the Presidents

September 17 - A Brief History of Women Suffrage, 1840-1920

October 15 - Heroism and Humanity Behind German Lines

November 19 - Around the Next Bend in the Road: The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder

December 17 - The 1929 Christmas Eve White House Fire

January 21 - The Origins of the Presidential Cabinet

February 18 - Lincoln, Race, and the Challenge of Self-Government

February 25 - Behind the Scenes at Firing Line

March 18 - A Woman of Achievement: Stories from the Life of Lou Henry Hoover

March 29 - Lou Henry Hoover: A Life of Adventure

April 15 - Shaping a Presidential Image: The Curious Case of Herbert Hoover

May 20 - Iowa's Communal Utopias

June 17 - Clearing the Static: Herbert Hoover and Early Radio Regulation